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Back again: With the promise of more timely entries—along with a “Call for New Members”

It’s been far too long since the last postings, and I have to plead “too many irons in the fire” and “too much of a [double overload each semester, along with summer teaching and overloads”] in my college professorship, and college student newspaper advising.

I’ve also been otherwise pulled into and along by my particular researches in Howard’s poetry, a subjective stylometric analysis of some of his work, and some new concepts in literary criticism theory in general.

So, enough for apologizing—I hope. There will be some updates in the REH-eapa website over the next few days, inclusive of new material such as Lee Breakiron’s fine continuing bibliographic series and a new zine by Gary Romeo—and some new stuff from myself as well.

I’d like to use this post also as a request for any readers to consider joining The Robert E. Howard Electronic Amateur Press Association (the world’s first online APA) and submitting an initial “zine” or e-journal for inclusion in the Winter Solstice edition of the APA. Visit the home page of the site to find the excellent accumulation of scholarly thought already assembled and—begin adding to it by “joining up.”  There is room for 8 more members (4 slots taken currently out of 12 total maximum positions).  “Replating” older material that has previously only been in print or on your own web sites, blogs, etc. is OK.

Cheers! and Onward!

Frank Coffman    Official Online Editor, REHeapa,


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Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association BLOG

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Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association BLOG